I remember that spring


I remember

That late spring

The early evenings

Were golden and green

Filtered light played shadows

On the wooden table

That stood under the window

That overlooked the green

With the willow tree

We had taken flight

And we were at a new beginning

One so precious

It still dwells

In my memory on these golden afternoons

Long years hence

When I am so far away

From where you and I were then

Years have passed

Littered with wilderness barren heartlands in between

So many years of loss and emptiness

During which it felt like my sadness would never end

But here now

Just for an instant

I sense that golden happiness returning

In brief moments

When I see there is no distance

Between who I was then

And who I am now

 And yet so much has changed

The golden afternoons in time receded

And everything became black

But now light is returning

And I have a chance to return to that golden place

For now I feel my time in the wilderness

And in the hurting place is done

And something deep within my soul

Is being restored

But I will always remember

With fondness

With tenderness

Those golden afternoons in your mother’s kitchen

Shelling peas

How simple and beautiful it was

To be on the brink of a new beginning

In spring

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