I love this. This blogger has gone through the darkest of dark nights and is now finding her power and strength. I find this post beautiful.



Resilience is that wonderful quality that allows us to continually bounce back after each rub, bump or fall. It’s that ability to be ok after going through something that hurts or disturbs our natural balance or order of things. It’s that willingness to move forward , to progress and open up ourselves to the new, to leave what happened and what was far behind.

I am learning that I have this quality. That behind all the  layers of anger, hurt, confusion and sadness ,there is a quiet place; an inner voice that is me. If I listen to my inner voice I am fine. Sometimes I get caught up with all the other stuff going on and I believe the harsh inner critic or the feelings of smallness and badness. I am learning to quiet the other stuff long enough to hear ME. That bigger self that parents the rest…

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