Being with our pain, holding ourselves tenderly

A timely reminder for myself, from some years ago.

Emerging From The Dark Night

Just as suffering is inherent in the human condition, the capacity for transformation through suffering is inherent in the Sacred Self. In fact, when we attempt to avoid adversity, we relinquish the opportunity for the transformation that adversity presents to us. Whatever we choose to call it growth, higher consciousness, or spiritual evolution – each pain, frustration, fear, conflict, disappointment, or loss offer a teaching moment, perhaps many of them.

Carolyn Baker

(When we find)… willingness to stop pushing our experience away and demanding that life be different, hen we learn what it is to say yes to a difficulty, to be curious about what life is, our whole world turns right side up; it allows us to experience life more as an adventure than a nightmare.

Ezra Bayden

Last night on one of my nocturnal wakings, which are a constant feature of my Post Traumatic Stress experience, it was…

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