In The Groove


Get into the groove

Of the music in y0ur soul

That makes you fly

Above the cares of this world

That try to weigh you down

With bitter memories

That make your heart sink like lead

Here in the music

And the dance

Is the joy you left behind

In days before the darkness fell

Like shadow dust on your soul

Windshield wiper beats

Cleanse the tarnished mirror of your soul

And return you to the place

Where you soar within yourself

So far beyond it all

To a place that hurt and harm

Cannot touch

Here your vision is transformed and cleansed

Monsters become angels

You become light as a feather

No longer heavy as lead

As you dance, dance, dance

Feeling your connection

To the groove that moves deep within you

To the spark that in giving life

Lights your flame


Energy moves through you

You feel joy

You feel life

You feel happiness

You know yourself to be

A spirit who has survived great depths

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