Freedom from self centred fear


I just read and reblogged such a beautiful post on being tenderhearted from the gorgeous blog Miracles Each Day.  It spoke to me very deeply and then I thought to myself, you know a lot of this last conflict of yours came out of self centred fear.  You feared being bestowed with a lot of attention because it doesn’t feel familiar.  You then spoke about those fears in your blog.  Why could you not just have quietly and calmly embraced an expression of love and care that someone was trying to give to you?

When I look at the answer I see that there are things in my mind and heart that can block that kind of help and support and love coming to me.  Feelings of not being worthy which are really a kind of what Tian Dayton calls dark narcissism. 

What might occur for me if I could forget all my self centred fears and just live in the self in a more centred way just flowing out from it and opening to receive what is in the world and trying to flow to me instead of putting blocks in the way while openly hearted giving at the same time?  I know the answer.  I would feel much freer.

So I see that I need to embrace my mind with a tender heart and I need to embrace other’s minds too with a tender heart.  I need to understand more deeply the part self centred fear can play in my life and how it then too can cause havoc in the lives of others.  For our minds and negatively centred ego selves give us much to worry about and can and do block us from feeling the love that wants to express and flow to and through us.




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