Am I passive aggressive?

I woke up wondering and worrying about this question this morning.  As you may know if you follow my blog one of my followers accused me of being passive aggressive in a post I wrote.  I have shared the entire conflict with my therapist and she says I was being attacked psychologically due to a mix up in communication.   The person concerned claimed her attack was a defence against some thing I implied in my blog and that is understandable as in some way I misread her feelings according to her but my deep feeling is that she felt more vulnerable that she could or would admit.

I don’t want to attack or accuse others of things just because I am upset with them but I know I can do it.  It comes out of a mistaken perception that something they or I did was ‘wrong’ when often it wasn’t ‘wrong’ at all just an outgrowth of our different styles of being and ways of expressing or asserting ourselves and when I get astrological about this latest conflict with Mars in Aries so strong the way we project and assert is due to a number of factors.  My self assertive instincts are confused at times and limited by a heavy aspect from Saturn.  From the youngest age I was stomped on for wanting or needing or asserting myself. So from that point of view it may have come to pass that I searched for surreptitious ways to get my needs met and assert myself.  I feel uncomfortable when there is attention on me and yet I love it and long for it too and considering it this morning I realised that I associate attention with being in trouble or being punished.   So in some way I feel very sad that the conflict over a Happy Birthday post and being promoted ended the way it did, with me denying I wanted the help or support but at the same time something in the way it all happened felt too intense.

At the same time I am very aware due to my Saturn Moon Mars that I don’t ever want to get too big for my boots or get carried away with my ego or come to believe that only I know things or the right way to be or behave.  We are all individuals and we all have our own foibles.  I get wary of being part of a self congratulation closed feedback loop which cuts off outside realism and groundedness.

All that said I stand by what I wrote in my post a few days ago.  I blog less for recognition of myself and more as a form of self therapy and working through issues and conflicts and hoping that in some way I may connect to others doing the same.  As a person with a lot of planets in Aquarius and the Sun there in my house of relationships I am more concerned with the way the collective impacts our individual self, wants and needs and how we can in sharing about this learn and grow as individuals who can grow in love  wisdom, understanding and connecting to self and others.  My North Node and ascendant in individualised Leo can conflict with these impulses at times and I feel that this configuration gave rise to the conflict surrounding my birthday of last week but ideally those two placements in time relate to finding a strong voice and channel for all the Aquarian energy I carry.

Am I passive aggressive?  I am still not sure.  I am currently reading an excellent book on Narcissism called The Narcissist You Know.  Apparently it is usual for narcissists to go on the attack when they perceive a narcissistic injury to themselves and then they use what you have revealed to them to put you down or pull the rug out from under you.  Being subject to a comments such as “I don’t spend my entire life sad and jealous” and “I feel sorry for you, you are pathetic, get a life.” are quiet nasty attacks.  They hurt but I do understand they came out of a sore spot in someone who felt upset and angry with me for misunderstanding them and then posting the way I felt about it using words that may have hurt them.

Was the accusation of passive aggressiveness fair?  I am still not sure.  I am going to share about it with a good friend who is very cluey in dynamics as a relationship counsellor this week.  I will do some reading on it.  As a person with strong Neptune I know I need to be more direct and assertive at times, but at times I am still sorting through the fog of so many things to deal with in both the present day and the past so I need to cut myself some slack.

Life can be confusing and it is very painful to experience friendships that were once supportive and close fall apart and devolve.  With the current face off between Uranus in the sign of Self Aries and Jupiter in the sign of relating, mirroring and relationships though these kind of issues and experiences are bound to be highlighted and occur.  There is a lot going down to learn and I can always work to become more conscious of how I may hurt others unconsciously and how and why they try to hurt me.


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"The religious naturalist is provisioned with tales of natural emergence that are, to my mind, far more magical than traditional miracles. Emergence is inherent in everything that is alive, allowing our yearning for supernatural miracles to be subsumed by our joy in the countless miracles that surround us." Ursula Goodenough How to describe oneself? People are a mystery and there is so much more to us than just our particular experiences or occupations. I could write down a list of attributes and they still might not paint a complete picture pf Deborah Louise and in any case it would not be the full truth of me. I would say that my purpose here on Wordpress is to express some of my random experiences, thoughts and feelings, to share about my particular journey and explore some subjects dear to my heart, such as emotional recovery, healing and astrology while posting up some of the prose/poems which are an outgrowth of my labours with life, love and relationships. If anything I write touches you I would be so pleased to hear for the purpose of reaching out and expressung ourselves is hopefully to connect with each other and find where our souls meet.

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27 thoughts on “Am I passive aggressive?”

  1. That’s hard to say. It’s my individual responsibility to cast a cold eye on myself and decide if I’ve been an a**h**e. I don’t mean that I beat myself up – I just try to be as objective with myself as I can. Then I apply what I’ve learned and move on. Easier said than done. 🙂 It’s what I aim for when I can get out of my head long enough to realise that I need to take a hard look. 🙂 Recognising that I can sometimes be quite difficult to deal with is, and has been, a hard pill to swallow. When it comes to self-examination, only you can acknowledge or admit to your true intentions. Give yourself a pat on the back for thinking about it. 🙂 But no beating yourself up!

    Btw, I am a Leo sun with an Aquarius moon and Scorpio rising. We seem to have some astrological stuff in common. 🙂


  2. PS – Ursula at published a post today that’s quite related to what you’re discussing here. I just finished reading it and thought of you – at the end she more or less said what I said above but much better. 🙂


  3. I think connecting with people on these blogs is great, but it can have it’s downsides. It’s so easy to misconstrue tone or intent with text. People misunderstand, misread…respond and have that misunderstood. It can get tricky, especially when it’s people undergoing the therapeutic process…like you aren’t second-guessing yourself enough already on your own. I would take whatever criticism you receive (or think you receive) on here with a grain of salt. I’m not saying your followers aren’t able to contribute to your growth…I’m just saying you don’t really know them, and they don’t know you.


    1. Thank you Jami I am struggling with this so much. I try my best. But sometimes being hit with that kind of criticism just incapacitates me. I feel so tired. I just wish it had never happened but I know I have to face it. Your kind comment means the world to me, thank you so much. ❤

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      1. My next suggestion for you: take some time off from the “work” of healing. Doesn’t have to be a lot of time, even one day is enough if it’s filled doing something that brings you joy. Part of my healing…in addition to the twice a week therapy, multiple journal entries a day, yoga twice a week..was doing things that brought be joy. For me, it’s being on my boat. I live on Cape Cod, and spent 3 days a week last summer sitting in the bay, alone, enjoying the peaceful beauty. Just me and my boat and the water was all I needed. No writing, no reading, no talking about “it”. Just experiencing peace. Then I’d go back to the “work”, feeling recharged. I think finding the right balance is what makes it all come together. Now, I don’t have to “work” so hard anymore. I’m on the other side:)

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    1. I will try to find it back Amir but I may only be able to find the blog I wrote in response. I am sure the person involved made sure I could not access her blog anymore as she was very angry with me. I will try to find the link to the post I wrote when all this happened back in February 2017. Its so long ago now I think her blogging page was called Silent Fall. She was a very very talented writer and poet.


      1. In such virrual confrontations, I take screenshots or quote their words on my ow blog. In that way, even if someone removes any such objectionable content, I have a copy of my own to refer. Just a tip (for future fights) 🙂

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      2. I will remember. I checked back earlier and I could not find it but I did quote some of the nasty things she said on one if my blogs mainly because it was so hurtful and I was struggling to make sense of it.
        Its all in the past now and is a very rare occurence on here for me luckily. She wrote a post about me tearing me down and labelling me a pathetic passive aggressive. The wierd thing is she pursued me with a vengeance when she first found my blog..Then she just dumped and discarded me. 🙄

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      3. Even though I am not into any Jerry Maguire fight shows, but still I am mostly interested in knowing your difficult time and how you reacted to it. You seem quite a peaceful and actually someone that I’d love to read more about. And since we are only getting to know each other, I’d love to read more specifically (like the actual dialogs) about both of you. I find it quite strange that while you disagreed with her, but still appreciate her in other ways. That part of you is something that intrigues me. Looking forward to you finding her post and your own response to that. My best! 🙂

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      4. Well humans are full of foibles. And my education upbringing and Catholicism always taught me to turn the other cheek but thats not aways good either 🙄 However I am believing more and more in compassion. Sometime misjudge or are misjudged or hurt blinds us to the other person’s side of things.

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      5. Virtual connections are not real connections and you seem to have taken someone on internet too seriously. Hardly a month goes by when I don’t have any such conflict online with some stranger out there just because I commented on their blog/social media as nicely (or funnily) I could. People have mental health issues and they use writing as a therapy. I am compassionate about them, hence I let go but don’t interact in future. Not everyone with mental health issue is crabby or cranky on internet but many are. Hence, be careful and sort of expect anything from these new virtual acquaintances. Hugs!

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  4. oops… not Jerry Maguire but Jerry Springer 🙂 lols.. I actually love the movie Jerry Maguire and strangely wonder how come that slipped through my words.

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