Let love be the answer


When fear and anxiety knock at your door

Let love be the answer

When others hate and try to hurt you

Let love be the answer

Know that if you truly open your heart

Nothing can stop love

Be the love you want to see and experience in the world

Know that hate, greed and anger may never stop

Because some where somehow

There will always be hating, greedy, angry people

Use your own anger for love

Not hate

Use it to make the changes you need to

So that anger and distress are no longer

Your constant visitors

When, fear, hate, criticism and pain enter

Answer them all with love

Let love be the answer

Don’t fall down and collapse

With the pain tears and distress holding you down

Or only for as long they need to do the work

Of watering the seeds of love and compassion in your heart

Stand up again, one day and smile

Walk forward to embrace the sunshine

After the darkest of nights

And let love be the answer

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