My body is bleeding, my body is weeping

My body is bleeding

My body is weeping

Blood tears of sorrow

Blood tears of anger

Blood tears of disbelief

Blood tears of pain

How could you have done this to me?

I needed to be close to you.

Dad you died

There was nowhere to go

He said “don’t come”

She said “you must go”

Where was I to go?

To a dark, cold, lonely country

Where I knew not a soul

Driven out of my mind

With feelings I could not feel

Even now I cannot compute

How someone could do that to her child?

I was so desperately alone

With no one to turn to

So far from home

But then a wiser voice says

She was just a child herself Debs

A child that married a child

Both children clinging together on a life raft

Made of the bowers they collected

Growing a family

Not really knowing the right soil to provide

And she was struck dumb with grief

For her lost love

But this is my mind

Intellectual knowing

Today it is my body that is weeping

Tears of blood

Falling down like rain

Nausea all through me from the blood

I am swallowing

The only way to make it stop

Is to speak about it

So I ask

If body could speak

What might it say to me?

I am a living manifestation

Of all you have endured

Deep within me

Deep within each cell

Your silent history is buried

Biography become biology

So I am the place you must look

I am the temple you must tend

I am the book you must read and feel and see

And know so well

For I speak volumes

And what I have to tell you

Of pain

Of loss

Of sadness

Of hope

Of longing

Of your desire to live

And know and be true and real

Has only just begun

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