Why should they understand?

Why should they understand

Maybe its not their job

They are busy living life

The life they want to live

A life that doesn’t really include you

Wake up

Live your own life

Grow up

Don’t be a child expecting them to care

Its not their job

But don’t leave the feelings of the child

Behind either

That long ago got buried

Deep inside you

The lonely pain in her lives on

Forcing her now into choices

That perhaps are not good for either of you

It is time to break away

Don’t whinge about it

Just do it

Accept the reality

Before its too late

4 thoughts on “Why should they understand?

  1. This is a hard message to reconcile, yeah? Hang onto the sweet child within, yet don’t forget to remember that the sun does not rise for us, even as children we always think it does, right?

    Your mind amazes me! Don’t know if you saw the Women In Music Awards this past month, but Madonna’s speech really spoke to me.


    She said to surround ourselves with strong women, to challenge ourselves and grow (I think I’m paraphrasing!). So, that was one of the things I wanted to do this year.

    I’m honored to count you among those strong women!

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