The Darkness

I am resharing this. We all have our own deep emotions that can rise up or come down upon us like a thick heavy blanket. If we can unravel some of the twisted threads sometimes the darkness lifts. When I think of how I wrote this just a month out of coming out of weeks of radiation therapy for cancer, its no wonder I felt this way.

Emerging From The Dark Night

untitled (23)

I am not sure on somedays where the darkness comes from but on days like today it descends like a heavy blanket covering my soul. Actually its more like a spider’s net of dark that comes down…I wake feeling twisted in trauma and fighting like hell to get free. I awake to the sense of dark memories and associations that have surrounded me after days and days of rain where I couldnt touch base with nature that is the great purifier of my body and soul.

By mid day it has taken just over 3 hours to wake and shower and dress.  I havent been able to manage food. In this time I faced the challenge of calling the Endodontist about the appointment to see the results of a scan they failed to call me back about three times.  After this call the tears started to fall like rain.  I…

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