Selfish shellfish!


Selfish shellfish

Lived in its shell

With a hard coating

To protect its squishy insides

Didn’t care who lived or died

On the emotional roller coaster

It rode

Into town

I wish I knew then

What I know now

If I get too close

I will be ground to pieces

Or suffer from the fall out

Your roller coaster dance

Is a spin out

Stay clear

Getting close

Will only end in ruin

Or spin you round

So hard and fast

You wont know which way is up!

So if you want to stand up straight

And live to walk away

And enjoy another day

Steer clear of the drama

And take a walk down a different street

Lest you end up

With shards of glass

All through your feet!

Or a dagger pierced

Through your heart

Bleeding and bleeding

From the invisible wound

They left in you

Which few will understand

7 thoughts on “Selfish shellfish!

  1. Wow!

    This is so incredibly powerful.

    “If I get too close / I will be ground to pieces”

    That line spoke to me so well.

    What a beautifully inspired way to show that selfishness is like shellfish. That hard outer shell is protection. I forget this sometimes. Thank you much for the reminder! 🙂

    I would like to add you to my Legends of the Blog series if that is ok? I have one to do this weekend, so yours by next weekend?

    Here’s the blurb on it…let me know, k?

    1. Ill check it out later if you don’t mind. Thanks a lot for the affirmation. My poems and images often just spring out full blown in a stream of consciousness and I love it when that happens. I love that we have connected as I feel we are coming from a really similar place.

      1. Your name isn’t Michelle, by any chance, is it? And feel free to delete this comment and your answer for privacy. 🙂

        Or email me?

        You remind me of someone I once knew in Australia named Michelle. 🙂

        I have to get going, but I’m gonna be back later this evening for me, which will probably be bedtime for you, two days from now? lolz!!!

        Really have enjoyed today. Thank you. 🙂

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