Break away


I want to break away from you

Where is the love

A sister is meant to show a sister

Where is the concern?

I finally see how selfish you are

I kept giving to you

Even when you spoke about me behind my back

And then tried to lie about it

Fuck you

What was your game?

Were you jealous of the bond

I had with her sons

Wanting to destroy

The one good thing that came out of it?

Why did I come back for more?

Why did I stay?

Only to wound myself more

Sometimes I hate you

And I know that wont get me many followers

But what you did isn’t loving

Its horrible

And I wont shut up

Or buckle under

Or deny the anger and pain any more

I will pray to be released though

For that pain should not be mine

It’s really yours

And I don’t want to live in hate

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