Borderline personality disorder is a hurtful label for real suffering

I feel so strongly about people with massive trauma being labelled as so called ‘borderline personalities’ so I am providing a link to this excellent article :

9 thoughts on “Borderline personality disorder is a hurtful label for real suffering

  1. It’s so lazy how people will reach for a label…any old label to make sense of THEIR perception of things.

    It’s nice to see another intelligent mind challenge these notions.

    I applaud you, new friend! The work you put into your posts is incredibly detailed and so informative!

    1. Wow, thank you. I will continue to fight against this narrow minded emotionally oppressive stance. I am so glad to have connected with you too. I can get very isolated at times where I live. Thanks so much for your feedback. 🙂

  2. Labels are a neat way of saying the problem is in the person—not society and not experiences. Diagnoses are simply lists of symptoms and serve to catalog the pain of individuals. Perhaps they can help us understand patterns but not human suffering, and I believe they usually prevent personal growth and healing.

    1. Yes I agree completely. Its a description of problematic behaviour which often lacks any empathic description of the underlying cause and as the article points out shames the person further, depersonalising them as well. Many so called ‘borderlines’ can recover if enough awareness and empathy and support is shown towards them. I believe the entire ‘disorder’ rises out of misunderstanding and lack of validation and true empathy. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Yes, I have read the same. But combine deep abandonment issues with an emotionally repressive environment in which everything is geared towards performance and image and combine that with being lured into a marriage with someone who’s feelings for you were inauthentic and was actually in love with someone else and you are going to have a person who winds up with severe symptoms. Imagine how alone she felt in that environment with very few allies. So painful.

  3. Yes, I would find that labeling extremely insulting. And it totally neglects the fact that survivors of trauma aren’t “sick” but reacting in a healthy self-protective way. It’s just a matter of learning how to teach oneself that they don’t need to be in emergency-mode with others anymore.

    1. Exactly I am sorry that someone your comment slipped under the radar until I saw it today. The self protection is the defence which speaks of the initial trauma, sadly the trauma may no longer be happening (though for the person it always lives inside) and so connection is blocked by self protection. its such a difficult terrain for all concerned. Empathy and ability to connect to, articulate and separate out of earlier wounds is the only way out. Kind wishes. Deborah

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