At the end a new beginning


At the end of a long road

Is a door marked ‘freedom’

Will you open it?

Can you dare?

What might it mean to say now?

The past is over and I am tired of reliving it

I want to find a new way forward if I can

And this road I am on has seemed too long

And the patterns and places I have lived

Now don’t seem to fit

Who I truly am anymore

Like a piece of clothing

This place has become too tight

And it hurts

With its sharp edges

Making me find it hard to breathe

Some days

I need fresh air

I need light

I need joy

I need freedom

I need space

 I need to trust

That the past which is over

Will not limit me anymore

And I can find freedom

From the storm now

Which has passed

But maybe I can take all the lessons of the past

Along the way with me

It may not be so necessary to ‘leave it all behind’

And some it can be used

Because at the end

Of this long and winding road

Is a doorway marked

‘A new beginning’

Only made possible

Through having digested

And learned from

The lessons of the past

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