253 Followers : Happy Day!

I am so happy and my heart did a big skip this morning to see that my followers have mushroomed from 150 to 253 in the past few months.  Wow, Jasper I said to my dog. How exciting!  He gave me his usual little quizzical smile!!

I could supress this happiness.  Allow the inner voice that says to me “now don’t you dare go getting too big for your boots” to squash my joy down.  I wont turn it into something bigger and more important that it is, but it means a lot to me, someone who feels I really never got my act together enough to make it in the big wide word.  But even that is critical thinking and I am trying to just let my open heart smile and breathe some fresh air today.

Happy Days!!! I have problems usually starting my computer lately, this morning I had the usual problem.  I said to myself “Deb its not worth stressing over, put your focus on something else”, was about to go out for a walk and the computer miraculously turned itself on!!! Strange, but is it?

I am still making my way through one of my latest books The Presence Process by Michael Brown and what he says from his own deep experience is that when we are fully present and in presence we naturally tap into our intuitive knowing.  This knowing he explains is something different to intellectual or mental understanding which can and does mix us up and lead us astray.  When we are just present and acting spontaneously from our hearts these kind of little miracle can occur.  I believe the world is a miraculous place full of soul just waiting to pop out and say hello to us.

Anyway part of being open to the new day for me this year is getting out early before the heat falls down like a heavy blanket and into the fresh morning for our park walk so that is where I am off to now.  Will return to blogging later in the day.  So for now folks, over and out and thank you so very much for following my blog.   It means so much more for me when and if it connects with others and helps them in some small way to feel more connected too.

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