The problem of thinking too much

Left alone with too much thinking

I go into a dark place

Being left alone

In a vast empty space

Not knowing what is going down

I make monsters of not knowing

And at the centre

My wounded self

Spins a lie or many lies

That become a web of entrapment

In which I become stuck

So today I go toward the light instead

 I go out into the garden

Touch the earth

Feel the sunshine

I get out of my head

Full of doubt and past pain

And enter the present moment

Where the light lives

What is past is dead and gone

It had its impact

But I don’t want it to hold me prisoner

For the prison I create

Is all within my mind

And the only freedom I can find

Is in living beyond the scripts it runs

And the miracle today

When I went into the garden

And entered the present moment

Your call finally came

I found out what is really going down

And learned once again

That all the lies I make up in the emptiness

Are nothing but fiction

Ways in which I torture myself

Due to being left alone

And thinking too many

Negative thoughts

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