Empaths, empathy, healing and relationships

There are some essential truths expressed in this post. We need to beware of how we label others and if those labels prevent us from a deeper insight or empathy. The same applies to the attitude we take towards ourselves.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

We might be able to feel other people’s emotions but if we call ourselves empaths when what we do is call difficult folks narcissistic, toxic and unredeemable while running away from their pain — there is no empathy in such behavior. (That is just one example — we can consider any sort of “negative” personality traits or emotions here) There is nothing wrong with self-preservation but then we need to understand what we are doing when we are unable to stand our feelings vis-a-vis another person. The feelings are, when in our body, our feelings too. We feel these feelings because they are part of what being a human being is.

All human beings have the capacity for all feelings. The only way we can actually develop empathy and earn the right to use the word empath is to dare to deeply feel these feelings and in so doing TRANSMUTE…

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