PTSD Doesn’t Define Me, but it Does Impact Me

A very powerful, honest blog about how tough suffering PTSD is at sensitive times of year!


I just came out of a major depressive episode. It turns out it was medication related. I have lived with, fought with, railed against my PTSD for eight years now, with very little medication intervention. The spring and fall are terrible anniversary triggers for me, this past autumn was particularly trying. I was having up to seven panic attacks a day and knew that I needed something besides therapy, acupuncture, yoga and family/friend support to help me.

I sought help and was put on anti-anxiety meds. They helped immediately! My body relaxed and my panic attacks ceased. When the fall triggers ended, I stayed on the medication and little by little I fell into a deep depression. My therapist and doctor communicated and wondered if it could be medication related. We would know by weaning me off the meds, to see if it lifted. It did! I’m grateful that I kept communicating with…

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