Along the road : I found love


a long way along the road

I found love

bleeding from invisible cuts

this is where the poison lives

said love

can you help me, please?

I didn’t know what to do

for as yet

love was a stranger to me

I thought I knew some of its ways

but not deeply

not intimately

love said to me

I am not what you thought I was

I am not the being

I am born

in the becoming open

open in the birthing

open in the suffering

 open in the pain

you have sought high and low

but until you find me

through that inner process

you will not know love

love asks everything

which is why so few people find it

its coming rests

on the tending of wounds

of both the one who hurts

and the one who cuts

and in that cutting

brings love to birth

out of the pain

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