Narcissistic Personality and Child Emotional Neglect

Many of us suffer from the ill effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect. The feelings of emptiness are well explained in this post.

living in stigma


This article in talks about both (narcissism and neglect), and covers many instances in my life.  Written By Jonice Webb PhD called “A Surprising Cause of Narcissism”.  To mention also, I’ve been the life of “Bill” in this article.


Marcy is a bright and beautiful woman. She often says that her main goal in life is “to get to the top of the heap, and stay there.”  Marcy puts her all into everything she does, and doesn’t mind stepping on a few people on her way to the top. When she meets new people, she usually leads off with her accomplishments, which impresses some, but turns others off. Marcy has very little compassion for herself and very little for others. Her biggest, most carefully guarded secret fear: that she is actually a nothing.


Bill is living a life of contradiction. He is loved…

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