Everything goes black


There is a place in the deep abandonment depression

Where everything goes black

You can see no colours and are caught in a barren wasteland

Where there is just pain

You have been deprived of what you needed

Perhaps forever  it seems

And you are re-experiencing

Over and over and over again

All the times the ground fell away

All the times you were cut into by

Boiling water, shards of broken glass and car engine pieces

If you really knew how that was

Would you have left me to suffer alone today

With no comfort or soothing

Just because you could not cope

Well we have to part ways here

At the park where my tears fell

Others reached out across the deep divide

And gave me a hug

They listened while I said a few of the things that scarred

I cannot quite get over your cruel abandonment

You made the wrong call today

And maybe you were saying what I knew all the time deep inside

You could never know how this feels

In a place beyond words

And you lack the true capacity to be there as I need

I don’t want to talk about it with you any more

Because words alone cannot reach

The deep place within where pain lives



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