When someone is missing

This speaks to truths that are becoming clearer and clearer to me, so for new followers I am reblogging. ❤

Emerging From The Dark Night

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I am slowly working my way through watching the television series Six Feet Under.  I never saw this HBO series at the time it was released.  It just never came to my attention and I was living in the UK at the time.

It has really Plutonian themes which appeal to me. Set around a family who own a funeral business it deals with themes of death, relationships, interconnections between people, emotions that we all struggle with around connection and need for separateness, the thorny problems of emotional intimacy and entanglement and many other issues.

At this point I have just finished watching the third series within which  one of the central characters that I most identify with, Nate has had to deal with the emotions surrounding the disappearance of his wife, Lisa, who left to go on a trip to see her sister, leaving him with his small daughter…

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