When I/Descended from stars


When I arrive at your door

Broken and bleeding from deep cuts

Don’t tell me its just a flesh wound

Don’t devalue me in this way

These cuts I have

Well they need love to help them heal

Didn’t Elton sing that back in the 70s

One of my favourite songs

If the sun goes down on me

It wont light the way to truth

The path that I have to tread

In order to find the way back home

In the dark garden

After you left me

Torn to shreds

I lay broken and bleeding

It was a long journey home

That took place over hot coals

But now my feet made tough by fire

Have found

A solid standpoint

The soft, soothing, healing green grass

Of empathy

Within and without

And in this field I rest

Feeling my soul being restored

To wholeness

In far deeper ways

Than I could ever have imagined

And I know myself finally

To be at home in this world

Though truly descended from stars

Night fire burned me

On so many tough nights

But now night fire has made me

A person who can wake

And reclaim the day

Revel in the sunshine or the rain

Until night falls again

And I dream of the stars I left behind

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