The lane way


I walked the laneway today

In the place where you played as a child

Alone on those afternoons when there was no one

No containment

No mother at home

No siblings

Only a vast yawning emptiness

I imagined you skipping past me

I am you

And you are me

A little further down the road

But today I had a sense

After all my years of restless searching

That finally I am home

Somewhere deep inside

Others may think its mad

But as I walked the laneway today

I felt all my ancestors in circle around me

Surrounding me like spirits

As tears felt

This is what I heard

You are really never alone Deborah

Our spirit lives on in you

And as long you remember

We are here with you

I got to the car crying silently

An entire vista had opened out

And I felt so much wholeness

So much love

I looked into Jasper’s limpid eyes

And told him h0w much I love him

How grateful I am to be alive

Home now is where I get lonely

Out there I am connected

I will keep reaching out

My laneway experience showed me

Deep within something is resolving

Is coming full circle

And at the centre of that circle

While in the laneway

I realised that my life has meaning

As I heard these words ringing in my ears

Your  heart is the centre

Which when open

Is able to contain the circumference

And through its portal

You are connected to everything

9 thoughts on “The lane way

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