Only love heals


Only love can heal the tender bruised heart.  We all have wounds and at times the wounds become the most powerful voice that we hear, if we lacked the love and care for the wounds we learn to act towards ourselves in the same wounding and unloving ways.  When there is fear and sadness and pain dominating us we may just be fighting all the time.  The last thing we want to do is open up and surrender, let down the guard and let the painful voices be silent.  The pain can only heal us if it opens us up to the need for love, and for soothing.  So this I will say, find ways and means and places where you can speak your pain and let it out, don’t stop seeking for places of freedom and love where your wounds are met with empathy, tenderness and compassion.  Learn to give this to yourself and others.  Be a force for love in this world.  A force for bridging and binding back together that which is separated, torn apart and broken.  Find the love within the pain, be tender and compassionate with your wounds and the wounds of others, let down the barriers to love’s presence that keep you trapped in resistance toward that which in asking you to melt into it holds a healing gift at its heart.  You can find and know love.  Believe.

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