I feel so sad

I feel so sad today.  My Mum is in so much pain.   It makes me feel so very sad.  Its so hard to be in pain. This pain she has seems so extreme.  It seems the outgrowth and the ending of a trauma story playing out over so many generations.  I can only witness it and cry so deeply tears falling down and down and down and down like rain.  There is no cure there is no ending. I can only witness it.  That is all I can do.  And what this sadness says to me is, that in the end, after all the suffering the only thing that is truly real is love.

10 thoughts on “I feel so sad

  1. So so soooo sorry 😐.. that you have to go through all the pain with mom..
    and nothing feels worst than being helpless and hopeless 😩…

    Just please stay strong 💪 for mom…. and give her all the support you can..
    so sad 😭.. but you will get through it..

  2. i agree with jamivee. i was just reading about cellular memory being passed down yesterday and i want to encourage you as you acknowledge that there may be some basis in this as concerns your mom – yet there is also a patient autonomy on tap that you are clearly moving into and in this place, there is no repression, only channeling for your productive best. and because this is beyond Time, it works in *both directions* – how cool is that?! its a fact that you and your mom are whole in some space or place of being. imagine inhabiting that place. 🙂 imagination is the fount of creation. xox

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