A gentle rain fell


A gentle rain fell

Following my own rainfall of tears

Coming home

I feel the weight of all I have had to deal with

In the absence of others to care

I hear the inner voice saying

Not good enough

Not clean enough

Could do better

I listen but am not undone

Another part says

No one knows the hero you are

You get out of bed

Even on the hard days

You reach out

Even in the midst of pain

You feel for others and try to ease their burden

You do your level best to care for your heart

For the hearts of others

And for Jasper

Don’t listen to that other voice

You are doing so well

Maybe life consists in this

Not so much in the crazy successes of an outer life

Full of achievements

But through this heroic action

Of showing up to ordinary life in any day

And despite all odds

Choosing to act from love and kindness

Instead of fear and defensiveness

As if in comfort and support

The rain held off

Until you were safely nestled here

Jasper stretched out by your side

After the fridge has been cleaned out

Restocked with food

And the ironing is done

Now you sit to write your poem

To free the voices in your heart

That sustain you every day

That keep encouraging you to live

And embrace each day

Don’t let the painful inner voice win

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