The heart’s fire


The hearts fire

Burned me til I could not stand


Y0u spun me into a whirlwind vortex

Of the primal deep


It wasn’t only yours

Our fires knew each other

Here two souls met

On a deep  crucible journey

That led us to the heart’s chamber

Where two fires

Burned to so much to the ground

But something beautiful now

Is growing from these ashes

I understand more

Of anger’s ways

What you were trying to say

What I could not hear

Due to my own deafness

My ears and eyes are open now

My heart is aflame

With love

That has no beginning

And no end

I wont forget you


Or the lessons you taught me love

Understanding will burn

In the place anger and pain once lived

And I will know a deeper truth

In my heart

I could not live then

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