Lay me down in a field, love


Lay me down in a golden field


Allow me to watch the passing clouds

Float by

 A passing reminder

That no brightness can be annihilated for so long

By darker things

Remind me that darkness

Shows me what is light

Glimpsed in abandoned places

Where the night mind presses in on me

Where I feel myself lost

And unknown

Help to remind me

I am not lost

But in recognising my lostness

I am already

Two parts of the way home.

5 thoughts on “Lay me down in a field, love

  1. That is one of my coping skills, to try and understand that to live someone has to die, to be happy someone is in pain and although I feel that life can feel like punishment I try to see that everything has an opposite so its part of the (Grand?) scheme

    1. That is a very wise insight. But I do feel we can be happy and others don’t necessarily have to suffer. I just wrote that poem as a stream of consciousness with no thought or analysis at all. Its interesting to hear your take on it.

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