Don’t cry alone, too long

Im reblogging this for it feels timely…I lost a long post yesterday took ages and i cant get it back so Im posting this instead.♡

Emerging From The Dark Night

I am sitting at my computer which has had the internet down for just over two days.  I was held back from posting some pieces I wrote and as I contemplate sharing this one I am feeling some deep ambivalence.  I have spent so much time alone with my pain.  In later years I have learned to reach out and share it.  I know often we can only tap into the deep, true, real pain alone, at other times I am resonating with the pain and sadness of others and lately I am also feeling such peace and joy due to a year in which I have found support, mirroring, understanding and empathy unlike in any other for expressing and moving through sadness, anger and pain.  The thoughts in this poem come from this more optimistic place.  Its only one version of truth.  I hope it resonates.

Don’t sit inside and…

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