By the turnstile


By the turnstile you said

Its here that I leave you

What you face

Is too hard

And you must go on alone

What you are is too much

And so I must go

But you also said

You are the loveliest

I have ever known 

But my book is not yet closed



You did what you had to do

You left me bleeding by the turnstile

And I had other roads to travel

Green fields

And barren wastelands to cross

Through a wreckage of dreams

I climbed the turnstile then

Onto the plane

That took me home

Via India

Onwards to my life of pain

And healing

You tried to find me twice

But I was gone

Our goodbye was complete

I miss you

But I know it had to end

Life is full of these turnstiles

These critical turning points

That shape our lives

Beyond our power to control


Is what happens

Due to causes as yet unknown

And in the learning of what fate wrought

And why

Which can only happen

Further down the road

We are undone

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