Real Treasure

This is beautiful. Just had to share.

no face woman


Grant me a life free from the madness
of society that I see.

Where money is the king of our hearts.
Power is the occupier of our minds.

In darkened rooms where
red faced monsters congratulate themselves,
through the smoke of a cigar.
A veil of self adoration, clouding their vision.

Your mountain of money at your side.
This false god you worship.

How successful you are.
How powerful.
A king amongst your peers.

How are you today sir?
And do you ever think to ask the same question
in return?

Yes, grant me the quiet solitude of a forest.
The calming lap of an ocean wave.
Sand between my toes,
birdsong overhead.
The soft summer breeze in my hair.
A heavy snowfall,
bringing eerie and beautiful silence
to the loudness of my mind.

Here lies the real treasure.

But we cannot hear it’s call
for the deafening madness…

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