Close to the Fire

This is a poem I wrote a while back about what I see as the transformative fire we go through on the way out of our trauma. This is for Summer.

Emerging From The Dark Night


In the burning

Of the naked flame

That shimmers

In the early light

Deep within your heart

I am close to you

Stay close to me

Stay close to the fire

Do not fear

That the fire that burns inside

Will destroy you

Do not forget

That what is essential to your soul

Is akin to fire

And cannot be destroyed

It is only the dross

The husk

The fleeting

The unessential that will die

In the flames

In the ash that remains

Is the distillation of the fire

The ground down

Essence of your soul

So do not fear the fire

But stay close to it.

And hold yourself still

In the centre of the flames

Christ said.

“He who is close to me is close the fire”.

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