I am here


I am here in the deep in the dark

Whispering to you

Why do you run?

Why do you hide?

Why do I need to send up



Before you will

Allow the message I send to open ears

To descend and reach your heart?


Turn within

Turn to me

Hear my voice

Do not run away

Pulled this way and that

By a hundred distractions

I am here

In the deep

In the dark

In the silent seemingly empty core of you

That you avoid

Waiting for you

To reach toward me

Open your ears

Open your inner eye

I am the child

You left behind so long ago

I am the most essential part of you

The part you learned to hide

I never died

But you died to me

Please come home to me

To what seems like an emptiness

But becomes full

When you embrace it

Turn within

Hear my voice

Give me a place to speak

Open the door once again

And welcome me and my pain

Into your heart

So that once again

I can have a home

With you

And together we can know


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