Sadness like rain



You fell down like the rain

In my soul

While raindrops ricocheted on a tin roof

I could feel

The tears forming in the corner of my eyes

But this is not a deep, dark, painful sadness

As in all those years gone by

This is more a gentle melancholy

Silently descending

That speaks of a home coming

An intouchness with my soul

And brings me comfort

I am alone

But I don’t feel alone


How can I be alone

When I feel this much at home inside?

I look around and see so many blessings

The road to here

Was painful, dark and confusing

But now I find myself

In the deep dark gentle wildness

Of my heart

And I feel

Completely held

Completely at one

Completely home

5 thoughts on “Sadness like rain

  1. ‘authenticity’ comes to mind when i read this extremely powerful offering. you can’t fake that – and others will have a much harder time faking anything with you. happy new moon in scorpio to you, emerging one. imho, this calls for celebration and/or ritual to hold this space of truth like the rock that it is.
    so very happy that You *authored* this.

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