What might it mean?


What might it mean

To live wholeheartedly

To no longer defend

But to relax

To no longer keep saying ‘NO’

Go away


Come in

My heart is open

Even to my pain

As well as yours


To know its even safe to leave

If you don’t get it

Seeing that isn’t my problem

For the heart that is closed to pain

Is closed to love

And now I want to live open

In every moment

I see where loneliness took me

When I saw no other solution

And today my heart breaks a little again

Working all alone in the garden

Seeing the times that I too

Blocked and defended against love

Taking up residence here

And I am deeply sorry

For any pain I caused

Even unintentionally

There is so much love here in my heart

Just not a lot of places to share it

And I see truly



That a live lived all alone

Without giving and receiving love

Is a barren life

2 thoughts on “What might it mean?

  1. Hello,
    I started reading your postings only recently, while searching for the same kind of info for spouses of narcissists. You dont know me of course, but I wish you to know that I think you are brave to explore, and confront and record your feelings and pain.
    Please continue to do what you have to, to help you to feel better. I find that reading your posts is helpful to me.
    Thank you.

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