Help please

I am the first to admit my knowledge of using WordPress is severely limited.  I use the fundamental features and I would love to know if anyone can help as to how I can upload videos from U-Tube and provide access to pingbacks.  Do I need the other bloggers permission to do this?  If any one could help me I would much appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Help please

  1. I don’t know the answer to the pingback question but I can help you with the embedding Youtube videos.

    On one window I like the have my blog post that I want the video on already up and in a different window have the Youtube video I want to embed.

    Under the Youtube video you want to embed you’ll see ‘share’. Press that and then press ’embed’.

    A long rectangle appears with a URL highlighted in blue. Right click on it and press ‘copy’.

    Than just go back to the window with our blog post. Click where you want the video and right-click and press ‘paste’.

    You’ll see the URL printed but don’t worry. Go to preview and you’ll see that the video will appear when it’s published.

    Once you do it once or twice you’ll find it easy-peasy.

    I hope this helps. Here is a video on Youtube that also explains how to do it:

    He makes it more convoluted than it really is, though, but it’s the best one I could find.

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