Spend a While in Quiet Reflection

I was picking up so strongly on a very similar theme the past few days. Love the sense of hope and promise in this. ❤


“You have felt this shift coming and so has the world. This is the yearning we have spoken of as the proof of love’s existence and of your existence in a state of unity rather than a state of separation. This yearning called you to the limits of the state of consciousness that was the time of the Holy Spirit. This limit acted upon you as a catalyst to create desire for the new.” (ACOL, T4:1.22)

We do want changes in our world. We do want to create the new. We have become a little bored with the status quo.

But don’t choose new things in a willy-nilly fashion. Be discerning in what we create, for we do create our own reality—as New Age thought says. And this creation of the new, defined as Jesus defines it in this fourth treatise of A Course of Love, will create a world…

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