These scars


I have been cut

So many times

The lacerations went deep

Inside my skin

Peeling away layers

Revealing a tender raw underbelly

That pulsed and throbbed and ached.

In time

The wounds healed to scars

But what I didn’t know is

That pain would remain

For the body is a resonator

Of imprints that echo

Along a tunnel of time

And long after the wounds have healed

Echoing ghost pains

Awaken you

In the dead of night

Leaving your soul

Suspended over razor blades

Here you will balance

For what seems like years

Here you will experience

A deeper wounding

Difficult to locate in time

Or visible space

Triggered by the move into unconsciousness

Awakened in the dreaming

In that liminal place

Where it is hard to tell

What is present

Or what is past

Since the past is continually

Bleeding into

And infecting the present

Over those long painful nights

This pain

Will become your teacher

Bringer of light

Even though bearer of bad news

Of what hurt most

Helping us to become

Witnesser of wounds

Soother of our own scars

Bearer of our own darkness

Believer in our own truth

And bringer of our own light

Birthing deep within our souls

Over time

And through suffering

A burnished compassion within

And deep understanding

Radiant as the Sun

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