How can I take care of myself?


In this moment when I am feeling sad what can I do to help myself more through that sadness to a place of peace?  Is there something I could do that would bring me comfort? Are there some kind things I could say?   Could I recognise when I might be beating myself  up with unkind thoughts or see where I am not accepting what I need to feel and recognise to find peace?

I find once I touch base with what I am feeling in the moment, then I have awareness, if I can then accept and make room for the feeling it can rise and fall and often as I stay with it insight comes into where in my life the feeling traces back to.  I can learn to look within the feeling to see what I can attribute it to.  Often that feeling is one I know very well and have had a lot of experience with and I can learn about the part is has played in my life. When the tears of compassion and feeling for myself and my long struggle comes with the feeling, then I am in the healing phase.

Then I have work to do to decide what action to take with the feeling.  I could write about it in my journal.  I could express it to a trusted friend.  Or if I have really no one there to turn to I can be there for myself.

Once I have unpacked the feeling I can then turn my attention back to this present moment and ask, what do I need right now? What would make me feel loved?  What would help me touch base with the present moment?

I DO feel there is always some little thing we could do to take care of ourselves and I have just been reading that it has been shown in studies that people who are not trapped in thinking are happier than those endlessly pulled away from the present moment in thoughts. If we can focus on pleasant sensation in the present moment for example we can pull away from painful thoughts that may make the pain worse.  For example :

Walking barefoot on soft grass.

Giving yourself a foot soak and massage with essential oils and lotion.

Watching a movie you love.

Listening to a beautiful piece of music.

Listening inwardly to your own breath or heart beat (if this is not too triggering for you).

Going for a walk with a friend or alone.

Being in nature.

I am sure you could come up with a lot more things.

This for me is the path of self care I can take in learning to care for me in the midst of my emotions.


6 thoughts on “How can I take care of myself?

  1. Acceptance, self appreciation and self healing are so important. I like to say we are all or broken in our own little way. It is the accepting of that that allows us to find self love and eventually happiness.

    1. That’s beautiful. Its those who defend against the knowledge of this that cause such pain for others. I also like to think though that in the spiritual part of us we are not broken, its just part of our earthly experience as spirits in matter. Not sure how true it is but I like to believe it.

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