The meeting of Mars and Saturn

Today we had the Mars conjunction with Saturn become exact at 10 degrees of Sagittarius.  For those of you who are not fully aware of cycles, there is a curious connection between Mars and Saturn.  Mars takes two years to go through a cycle around the zodiac and Saturn spends around two and a half years in a sign.  This means that once every two years Mars and Saturn meet up.  And the meeting goes through all 12 signs in order.  Which means we get critical lessons and issues showing up.

Mars rules issues of self projection and desire.  The will to live, to get things done, to express and to move forward in some direction.  Saturn often indicates roadblocks which require we learn certain lessons or meet restrictions which may force us to let go of some desires or at least show patience.  What we want at the beginning of the cycle and what we get at the end may be very different things, for hard experience has shown we need to be more realistic and this realism and the death or pain of dreams lost or ending as we will see further down has to do with the fact that today’s conjunction squares Neptune.

In cycles the conjunction marks a new beginning of some form, the sowing of new seeds, and depending on where it visits (house in your chart) and the aspects it makes to personal planets, there are you will find your issues and lessons which will unfold over that 2 and a half year period.  Mars is the planet which astrologer triggers the slower moving aspects of outer planets and, as just mentioned, today’s Mars Saturn conjunction squares Neptune in Pisces.

What does this mean?  Well I just read a blog which asked the question, when dreams end can we find a new dream?  I couldn’t help thinking of the current aspects. Neptune in astrology is the God of the Oceans and primal depths.  We could see this as the sea of undifferentiated feeling, the sea of the collective unconscious which contains the residues of issues long past.  The DNA helix.  In Pisces, which Neptune rules, the zodiac symbol shows two fish swimming in different directions.

Often what we desire on a conscious level flows against the unconscious pulls within us of past issues or there are conflicts or a schism between the two.  What we wish, dream, long and hope for often doesn’t come to pass but never the less in living the dream we live and learn and often the learning involves surrender of conscious objectives in order for some new vision, dream or experience to manifest.

How then do we deal with the conflict and the schism here?  How to navigate the stormy seas? And how to cope when this energy meets up with the classic and all too often frustrating feeling of being sandwiched between a rock and a hard place that accompanies Mars Saturn transits?

Many of us may have been suffering the deep frustration of watching dreams or longings dissolve. There may be many unrequited feelings involved here.  Remember that the last conjunction of Mars and Saturn took place in the previous sign of Scorpio.  We have over a more than 2 year period been forced into the dark depths of Scorpio desires.  Issues suppressed from the past, most especially in our closest interpersonal relationships (which Scorpio rules), issues of power and control, of surrender and deep insight into the unconscious or shadow have been matters we have confronted over this time.

Scorpio is the sign in which we must die on some level or let go.  We let go so that we can create an empty space for new energy to enter.  We need to allow the decay or a fallow period at the end of any cycle anyway. That is the law of nature.  There has been a kind of ending or resolution of issues working out over the past few months in the 12th house phase of the outgoing Mars Saturn cycle and now we are faced with a new beginning and feelings of profound despair or emptiness may accompany this time as Neptune takes us into a vast ocean where we often feel obliterated for a time.

Interestingly Sagittarius is often associated with the higher aspects of mind, the ability to make meaning of the suffering we encounter in Scorpio, to find a philosophical perspective.  One of the critical issues of Sagittarius in mythology (and this involves the God Zeus often associated with this sign) is the issue of overextension, of a split between body and mind and in this split the body can at times be left behind.

In mythology Zeus often evokes the fury and vengeance of his wife Hera due to his exploits and avarice, this reflects how the body can rebel if the mind tries to run away with itself and does not accept that it lives in a body that is limited by certain natural laws and rules.  Perhaps the best Saturnian lessons are ones of discipline.

I just opened Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala : The Cycle of Transformations and its 36o Symbolic Phases.  This book was the result of Rudhyar’s intuitive visits in meditation to the symbolic, imaginative realm of his own being through which he downloaded an image for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, 30 for each degree of all 12 signs.

The Sabian Symbol for 11 Sagittarius (we use the next degree for placements between 10 Sag 00 an 10 Sag 30) is :

In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.

Keynote :  The value of the “return to the body” advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness.

Rudhyar elaborates that what is now required of us is to mend the schism between body and mind that has been such a huge part of our modern evolution and development and to tune into the truths in our bodies.  Finding freedom from intellectual concepts which imprison us and keep us too trapped within the literal.  Trusting the truth in our organs and not allowing our minds to lead us astray.

How apt that Neptune in Pisces squares this placement.  For the truth in our body may even have a deeper component than we realise, that of an ancestral past or issues which we are working out on a personal level through the collective unconscious.  And if we tend to chronically overextend (as can happen with strong Neptune) or be too unrealistic we will need to face some kind of dissolution.

Perhaps there is something here about learning that the death of our personal dreams may be necessary for our current understanding may in some way be incomplete.  We can rely on the insights from dreams, intuitions and visions, but we must be wary of seeking dissolution through avenues which shut down the truth in our bodies and confuse them more. The desire to escape from our bodies through addiction may become even stronger now and we will be challenged to stay with our bodies.

The current Mars Saturn aspect occurs as the Sun is passing through the very early degrees of Virgo.  Virgo is about the body, the divine feminine, nature and the natural world.  It is about realigning ourselves with natural cycles, seeking good nutrition, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The message I am hearing is this.  Tune into your body, indulge your senses but not through numbing and excess, tune into your natural rhythms, slow down, where and if you hit a roadblock consider that what is being blocked may be for a reason and trust,  Rest, take down time when you need it, beware over-extension.  Face your fears, despair and frustrations and find the gift within present.

This week I have been drawn to listen to many of Eckhardt Tolle’s videos on being present.  In presence we are listening and tuning into the body, into our feelings,  not allowing ourselves to be led astray with all the voices in our heads which tell us we are not good enough or have to fear.  In presence we turn within and without it love, with love and with an energy of respect for live, ourselves, others and nature.



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