Feeding our soul


A question for you.  What did you do today to feed your soul?

When we are down and hurting and when we are concentrating on the pain we have gone through sometimes we forget that there is something we could do to help our soul’s feel comforted in that moment when things are hard.  We could do something to love, care for and nurture ourselves.

Today prompted by reading a lovely meditation my favourite book  Tian Dayton’s One Foot in Front of the Other I thought of the things I did today to feed my soul and I thought of a gratitude practice of listing these things that would mean that the benefit of these lovely experiences could grow within my soul :

Waking I felt the sun streaming through the window, so grateful for its warmth and comfort.

I took a long, slow shower and lingered as long as I could under the comforting warm stream of water.

I bought a beautiful bracelet with assorted stones and colours.

I got creative with lunch and made a lovely salad full of good things as well as corn and zuchinni (courgette) fritters to which I added sweet chilli sauce and cumin.  YUM!!!

I started to read a wonderful book on mindfulness and acceptance of emotions and revisited some ideas and insights I had over long years.

I wrote a blog.

I read some other lovely blogs.

My car went in for a service so I walked to the bus station and took the bus home after having a lovely coffee in one of my favourite cafes, looking at life go on outside the window.

I was grateful when Jasper my dog barked in excitement and delight as I returned home.

I felt the love that came from a relative who offered to take me back to the service station to collect my car.

I read some wonderful quotes on Gabor Mate’s tumblr site.

The day is not over yet and there are still lovely soulful experiences to have.

Thank you God for these gift of life and love which nurture and feed my soul and for the ability to appreciate them.

12 thoughts on “Feeding our soul

  1. I love this. It reminds me of the gratitude jar I began at the beginning of this year. Come this January 2019, I will open it up, and read all the things I have been grateful for. It’s my way of reminding me that life doesn’t suck all of the time.
    Great post! 💗

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