Diving to get another piece of me

I love this gritty and truthful post. Just had to share.



I have recently started counselling again and the last session churned up so much pain, anger, fear and sadness from the past that I felt at times that I would be consumed by all the ‘difficult to feel’ feelings. At the end of the session, I was left with an image of a woman diving deep into an ocean to reclaim parts of herself. Each time she dives, she has to face all the darkness and horrors of the ocean, she comes up for air exhausted and drained, unable to breathe normally for a while and it takes some time to recover from the treacherous journey. But later she is able to look at that new piece that was recovered from the depths and shine it and turn it around in the light and then she can smile from deep within.

In the last session, I was so aware of…

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