When loved ones leave

I have just shared four days with my eldest nephew and his partner, this afternoon Jasper and I bud them farewell and it was so sad but I was aware the source of the sadness was the love and happiness we shared as well as due to the painful experiences of the past we all went through many years ago surrounding my sister’s cerebral aneurysm  which we were able to share and talk about, scary as that was for some.

I felt so grateful for the openess they showed, the love and affection they rained down on my dog Jasper.  I really am missing them this afternoon as dusk brings the portent of a night alone and yet I know our hearts are connected and I feel my dead sister very close this evening.

Jasper is resting his chin on my knee as I type this and there is that deep spiritual hum of serenity which is felt despite the sore spot at missing them.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, sweet because we loved, connected and shared, hopefilled as we will meet again even though soon they will live thousands of miles away. It feels as though broken links in the chain of disconnection are healing and it took my sister’s death to inspire this realisation that we need each other now.

I feel so grateful that they came.  My heart feels full. ♡♡

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