Saturn lessons

I have the Saturn Moon Mars aspect natally.  My life has been a long quest to understand this Saturnian legacy and I recognise my family to be a very Saturnian family, where issues of duty, responsibility, restriction, suffering and loss have been huge recurring themes.  I am currently undergoing harmonious Saturn aspects to major personal planets and so I did a little research and the following information taken from Bill Tierney’s book The Twelve Faces of Saturn has helped me.

Saturn natally tends to inhibit the open, confident expression of any planet it contacts, at least initially.  We are pressured to go within in and mull over the part of the psyche that planet represents for long periods at a time.  This may be frustrating and our limitations may seem never ending, but Saturn also can lead us to a major experience of understanding and self mastery.  Saturn experience is always much easier on us when we are willing to work with this planet and stop trying to evade its pressing issues.  And so, the slow unfoldment of potential is Saturn’s way of ensuring a more mature blossoming and bearing of the ripened fruit.  Saturn also insists on a sturdy root structure.

Transiting Saturn often tests the results of all that inner preparation.  Saturn offers a reality check so we can clearly assess what we have already securely developed for ourselves through struggle and determination. At this point, we are to start using whatever the planet or house symbolises more realistically.  Saturn also highlights where we will need to do our homework due to weak, ineffectual structure, and compels us to concentrate fully on the issue shown by the transited planet or house.

Saturn helps us better focus and concentrate on chronic issues that usually tie in with abandonment, separation, loneliness, inhibition of feelings, etc.  There is no overnight fix where Saturn is involved, but defining our problems is the first step in dealing with them.  We need to articulate our emotional fears and uncertainties and this requires much courage and honesty.  Saturn supports an attempt to feel things as they really are, even if we initially become depressed and saddened by doing so.  It is likely that elements of our past will need to be laid to rest.

When reading this back I think of a quote from writer Virginia Woolf which appears in the movie The Hours.  “To look life in the face, to see it for what it is, to know it for what it is”.  This clear seeing without flinching may be painful but we can trust those who have navigated Saturn’s territory to meet life in this way.  Even if what they have seen is at times painful and scary, they will face the facts and they will learn, through walking that at times stony ground, very necessary lessons.

Often those of us with strong Saturn aspects to personal planets (Sun, Moon , Venus, Mercury and Mars) experience so much aloneness and frustration.  But it seems that these experiences function to separate us and deepen us in ways that other do not experience.  Rather than experience this as a source of pathology it seems essential to find understanding, connection and comfort from those other Saturn types around us who also have navigated the stony ground and lived to speak about it.

With strong Saturn aspects we may never be “popular”, others may sometimes judge us as “too negative”, “too sensitive”, or “too serious”.  But we don’t have to judge ourselves.  We may even recognise this harsh self judgement as part of  the Saturn territory, part of an ancestral or family pattern that we can work to understand and transform.  Learning to use Saturn positively means we can gain strength by standing alone but also learn to surrender our defences at necessary times and understand the role fear or negativity can play in holding us back and preventing us from reaching out and growing.

Being forced away from the mainstream into periods of introspection and isolation may bear fruit, especially during Saturn transits..I often think of Saturn as the soul Gardener who brings out the secateurs or pruning shears at certain times forcing us to cut off certain people or thoughts or other things so that room  can be made for something new to emerge or grow. There may be pain in the cutting but that pain is temporary all part of the process of maturing and deepening our souls.

When Saturn visits we may at first want to argue and resist, but when we face up and look things in the face, being forced to confront reality we can choose to look for what we can do constructively to improve things building in a new direction, new structures and relationships that suit our evolving spirit.





8 thoughts on “Saturn lessons

  1. I love this eye opening post and am interested to find out more. How did you learn of this link to Saturn, if you don’t mind me asking. The last paragraph resonates a lot for me so maybe I’m similar to you. Your writing is really interesting to me psychologically and I look forward to reading more 💙 B.E

    1. Hi B.E. im not sure what you meant by how did i learn of link to Saturn..did you mean in my family or in general? Have you had your astrology done cause im guessing if it resonated Saturn may be strong for you too. My parents both have Saturn Sun Mercury and by studying exrended family charts ive seen how Saturn Mars aspects repeated as a result of that impact in later generations. Its a fascinating study and Id love to know how it resonates for you. Neptune is also strong for me. If you know your birthdate and time and want to share it id look into it for you if you dont know your chart. Thanks for reading and commenting. Deborah ❤

      1. Aw that’s really interesting. I could give you my birth date, but don’t know my time of birth though which is frustrating and I have no way of finding out, so it wouldn’t give a full answer. It is really fascinating though. Thanks for getting back to me Deborah 😊

      2. Thats okay..a really good astrologer may be able to rectfy your chart by asking for critical experiences…its a little beyond my expertise but im sure you know you can still learn a lot from the date alone only the moon is not exact as it moves 12 degrees on any one day. Always intersted to look at your chart and see what energies touch your personal planets. ☺

      3. I’ll check out your chart ….you may have been going through Saturn opposing your Sun lately so no wonder my post spoke to you..have a special day 🎁

        Later: just checked out your chart and natally you have both Mercury and Venus in conjuction/together in Cancer and both square ( are challenged by ) Saturn in Libra so it makes a lot of sense you related to this post. The Saturn transit to your Sun will occur after it goes direct again later in the year…just out of interest where in the world were you born?

      4. I was born in the UK. That all sounds cool and thanks SO MUCH for working that out for me though what does it all mean? 😆 I will have to do some Google searching properly pronto 😆

  2. Do google it there are some good sites out there. Mercury rules communication, the way we perceive and relate on an intellectual level and Venus is our sense of relationship, values and feelings. Cancer is emotional and sensitive which adds a different energy to the Gemini Sun which relates through the mind and needs alot of connection and stimulation. When Saturn hits these two it shows challenges to a felt sense of value, a lack or restriction around mothering which Cancer planets really need. A low sense of self esteem can result which pushes you inside just as I wrote in this. Anyway thats just a little of what it means you will learn more by googlin Venus and Mercury square Saturn…☺

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