Fire, heart, burn

Heart fire

Winter in my heart

Has come

Its icy winds

Shake the trees bare of leaves

And a sadness of longing

For what was once green





Arises from deep within

Now that I am being burned

In the service of healing

I wonder how goodness

Can come out of this much pain

Struggling to breathe

Under the burning power of your rays

How can I summon the energy to remain

The idea of leaving haunts me now

I think I would have preferred the cancer

To take me

Standing as I was on the brink of freedom

At least intact

Only to be captured yet again

My heart burned by your fire

With lymph nodes ripped out

My system is struggling harder

My heart burns with old woundings

I am releasing

Give me fresh air

Let the cold wind blow

Fresh breezes around me

Help me touch base with nature

That which renews

Beyond the stifling limits of the man made

Lay me down in green fields

And shower your blessing on my soul

As winter steals in

On icy feet

Mother nature hold me

Tenderly in the palm of your hand

While I shed these tears


The heartbreak

Of ages

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