Goodbye to ghosts

Tree Blowing

This ghost haunts me

a long while here

then after the tears

this breeze comes

and blows the ghost away

but on the breeze

is the feel and memory

of what it was to love

in the midst of nature

that April

and then to lose it all

so painfully

four Januaries hence

did I fail?

or was it just the working out

of fate, harsh and unyielding

to my grieving heart

These memories of us

and the painful image

of you happy with someone new

remind me of how alone I am

and yet is there anything truly lost?

For I am still here

feeling all of this

my heart is still beating

if oh so sore

I am free

to touch or be touched

by life

by this cool gentle breeze

And I am no longer as alone

as I was then

Even though you have moved on

I will survive

and my heart

that has been deepened

by loss

will beat on.

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