A New Year’s Message

We are now very close to the New Year, at least over here in the Southern Hemisphere and there is the feeling of promise, of new beginnings and of the passing of so many experiences that occurred during 2015.  After a few hours with family I chose to come home to be alone here with Jasper my dog and welcome in the New Year in silence to feel the buzz around at a very special time.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the kind souls who read, supported and liked my blogs over the past year and posted comments.  Each connection made helped me to feel that life was worth living most especially on the really tough days.  I am sure you too have had very tough times not just in the past year but in years gone by too.

Yesterday was my two year anniversary of blogging I started following an exceptionally painful time after a sinus operation that saw me all alone at Christmas and in the following year my sister died, blogging helped me to express what I was feeling and to feel that I had a voice.  It wasn’t only writing blogs but reading them too which helped me.

So to all of you who open your own hearts and lives and souls through this very special community lots of New Year blessings for 2016. May we continue to grow and blog and connect in the coming year.

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