Hearing the voice of love

Beneath the other voices

shouting so loud

full of fury

and self loathing

there was a still quiet voice

that spoke with love

but curiously

it could only be heard

after I suffered the other voices

this is the voice that tells me

you are beloved

you are precious

you have a right to be here

you did not suffer all this for nothing

and most truly

you are not alone

In the darkest night

of suffering and pain

I feel you

softly stroking my hair

holding me closely to your breast

as the ocean

breathes around us

inside my head

I hear the ocean roar

angry fury

was only one part

and the beauty of love

was what remained

when the breath of fire

died down

love without reason

love without end

love that asks for nothing

love that loves

for no other reason

but because it is love

now is my truth

and I think

because you showed me love

you made the voice

of love grow stronger

than the voices

of hate

that possessed me before

and so I thank you

for showing me


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