Let it Rain


Let it rain

Let it thunder

Scream the house down

Rather this

Than the deadening silence

Of your stone cold glare

And the pain buried down

Under frozen anger

Gorgon’s head

We are not made of stone

Our hearts wither and die

In such a frozen place

When you gaze on us

Like this

Open up the shutters

Reveal your hidden face

With the rain

Things will loosen

And this freeze

Will unthaw and flow

And even if a torrent

Floods the landscape

Hidden debris will rise to the surface

And life will be moving

Forward again

Death is this stare





But life is flow and movement







So let it rain

And let this storm

Bring down the house

2 thoughts on “Let it Rain

  1. Hi there Deborah, keep writing, your poems are beautiful.. I love when you mention the natural elements, maybe you are a Neruda’s lover, he celebrates each element on earth in spite of ranks, water, love, rain but onion and artichoke too..

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